Friday, July 13, 2012

Geisha guuuurrll

Naked girls yay!!! This is the process for the Figure in an Environment assignment for my CG class. 

I started with choosing from a bunch of my figure drawings and I found this one to be the most interesting. I liked the triangle shape it made and so her limbs all point toward her head. I knew I wanted her to be a geisha or specifically a hone-onna, which is a Japanese ghost that looks like a beautiful woman but reveals herself to be a skeleton before she sucks the life of lured men. Female power! yeah!

Here I placed her in a geisha costume with her foot as a skeleton and tried to place her in various environments. I have one more but it was mek so I'm not showing it. 

Photoshop is awesssaaame for doing color comps. It's just like "hm, what color do I want just that window to be? I know! I just use ALL the colors by pressing this magical button that changes it instantaneously for me!" Ya, as long as you put the various elements of different base colors in a different layer, it makes changing the colors so easy. Keep in mind this is just for the base colors, you still have to clean it up after.

Sketch after cleaning up the color. Finalizing where I want the colors to be and how bright or saturated it is.

Andddd drum roll... this is the final that I handed for my CG class. There's still some parts that I'd like to fix now that I look at it again. Like her shoulder and face feel a little flat, I want to add a big of glow from the cast high light. 

Anyway yaaay, finished this and excited to start on the next painting.

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